White Flag (2015)

White Flag
I wanna be a – white flag
Carrying a – white flag
My clothes are a – white flag
Don’t bother me, won’t fight back
If you accept my – white flag
My heart is like a – white flag
I wanna be a – white flag
But how to hail a white flag
If failing colors paint it black?

The problem with the borders is
Those flags got different colors and
So do people living in fear instead of love
The thing they see is
red before the eyes, they bleed
immune to those who cry, like a bull captured for vain…
Here comes the bullet! Freeze! your brain…

The problem with the boxes is
People get stuck inside and then
hate turns into crime, can’t blame people for tryin’ to
save themselves, ask for help,
but the devil’s in disguise
And the angels really try to help,
but humanity denies

My people what have you done?
Did you lack to watch the sun?
Did darkness fully captivate your soul?
Are you, are you afraid?

You wanna be a white flag?
Carrying a white flag?
Your clothes are a white flag?
Don’t bother, you won’t fight back
But who’ll accept your white flag?

Our heart is like a white flag
Want to be a white flag
Were born a white flag

But if they typecast anyway
How are WE supposed to
fight that?

Cissy, 2015 – all rights reserved ©